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Men's Grooming
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Super Natural Men's Grooming

by Alec Laughlin

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It all started with
our unique men's fragrance...
Wolfsbane № 11

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[fi-luhn-dree] n. fondness, love or admiration toward men.

Quietly taking over the Men's Natural Grooming Market.

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Wolfsbane Solstice Men's Fragrance Sampler by PHILANDRY

Men's Fragrance Sampler

[shortdesc] One 1 ml sample bottle of each of our fine, exclusive fragrances, Wolfsbane and Solstice. Comes with a coupon code providing a discount with your next purchase at our online store,...

Solstice, Men's Fragrance

[shortdesc] Solstice, Men's Fragrance is the second exclusive scent by PHILANDRY. The warmth of agarwood resins, bright and inviting notes of citrus and bergamot, with a celestial ambergris spirit accompaniment sounding through...
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Antimony Wolf Ring

[shortdesc] The Antimony Wolf Ring is a custom piece designed by Daviell Maldonado exclusively for PHILANDRY. Daviell is a highly sought after international jewelry designer and craftsman. His collections have been...
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