Embrace the Grey (We Call it Silver)

As men age, they become more handsome and distinguished. Wouldn't you agree? The appearance of grey compliments an older man's face in nearly all cases, in my opinion. I always encourage men to embrace the grey when it starts appearing in the hair and beard. To straight-up own it. Confidence will do more to improve your appearance than covering up that beautiful silver. The combination of the two, silver and a healthy self-esteem, will make others weak in the knees. And quite frankly, grey is currently in vogue. So jump on the bandwagon already!

Even with a good dye job, I find that it actually ages ones appearance, and it can usually be spotted from across the room. If you do choose to color your grey, then please don't do it with a product off the shelf at your local pharmacy and instead go to a talented stylist experienced with men's color. But definitely call me first so I can talk you out of it!

Tips for keeping that natural silver looking its best.

My first tip is to install a quality shower head filter. The impurities and minerals in the water, along with the addition of chlorine, contribute to the dulling of silver over time. Do you have old galvanized pumping in your house? The iron content is going to contribute to yellowing as well which the filter can eliminate. Water Filter Magazine online offer their recommendations for the 12 best shower head filters.

But the single most important advice I have for preserving the condition and appearance of that handsome silver is to avoid any products that include crappy ingredients. There are two keys here: maintaining healthy condition of the hair and beard, and not depositing chemicals that cause yellowing and dullness. This includes all shampoos, conditioners, soaps and hair/beard care and styling products. What are these crappy ingredients? I'm glad you asked.

The top five ingredients to avoid in hair and beard care and styling products:

  • • Sodium laureth and lauryl sulfates
    found in soaps and shampoos
  • • Propylene glycol
    found in many styling products
  • • Dimethicone
    most often found in conditioners
  • • Petrolatum or petroleum jelly
    found often in pomades and other styling products
  • • Artificial colors
    commonly found in all of the above

I was at Target the other day and checked out the styling products for men that they offer on their shelves—all very popular brands that I will not mention by name in this post. They all contained these crappy ingredients, either singularly or in combination.

My final tip is to be mindful of your health. A good diet, plenty of fresh air and exercise are important. Also, if you have a significant issue with yellowing of your grey and you've tried everything, check with your doctor to make sure you don't have an underlying health issue or that you aren't taking a medication that may be the cause.

Eventually I will be releasing more hair and beard care and styling products to actually enhance the silver that you've got. In the meantime, you can rest assured that my Universal Shampoo Bar (for hair and body) and Woodman Cedar Body Wash (both of which can be used on the face) will not dull or damage your hair—quite the opposite. And Royal Argan Beard & Hair Oil will condition and offer light styling to the hair anywhere on the body without any yellowing.

Have Yellow? Try This!

If you have yellow in your silver, try the following Get yourself some facial clay. You can get it at any health food store. Bentonite  or French green clay works. However, the best choice is Rhassoul. If you want me to send you some quality Rhassoul clay to try, order my beard oil during the month of March and I will include a tin of clay good for a couple masks for free!

Mix a mask with the clay and apple cider vinegar. The consistency should be soothing like a thick pudding. Apply a thick mask to the silver hair that has yellowing and leave on for a good long while (at least 30 minutes). Let it pretty much dry out if you can. The clay and vinegar will draw impurities from the follicles, hopefully restoring your silver to its natural luster. If you use Rhassoul clay, you will have added benefits of moisturizing the hair. Follow with a quality conditione, rinse, and finish with Royal Argan Beard & Hair Oil.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you try these above recommendations and they prove helpful!

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