Here's to You, Dad

At forty-two years of age—deeply dissatisfied with the rat race, the three hour commute, the performance of duties and responsibilities that didn't honor fully his passion—my father packed up his family, purchased a business, and moved us to a small rural community in the midwest, thus embracing his dream of being the publisher and editor of his own weekly newspaper. At the time I hadn't the capacity to understand the courage it took for him to make such a drastic change, nor the trust and faith my mother had in him to take the plunge by his side. 

My father always taught his boys through example ever more so than words. And he set the bar high. This embraced life change had a profound impact on me and my point of view about one's vocation, business and entrepreneurship. About creativity, self-discipline and work being its own reward.

While seemingly misplaced professionally for much of my adult life, now at forty-seven years of age I have followed my father's example with a reinvention by means of the launch of my new brand, PHILANDRY. What's most interesting to me now is the realization that I was not floundering in the least all these years. The myriad experiences were fostering a development within that I was mostly not privy to myself. And now, all of those acquired and learned skills and experience are channeled into my latest and most rewarding venture to date.

The business is yet a youngling, having been birthed only three months ago. And there is a lot of work to do with significant short-term and long-term goals to keep in mind daily. I don't think PHILANDRY is going to be a mere flash-in-the-pan, but will be a wonderful avenue of creative outflow and spirited collaboration for years to come. I owe tremendous gratitude to the man who taught me how to use power tools, to fix the plumbing, to install cabinets, to not shy away from heavy lifting, to remodel a home, to work on my car, to man up, to get my hands dirty, to take a punch, to go after what I am passionate about, to start a business.

Turning forty is not a time to be throwing in the towel, my friends. It's now a time to roll up one's sleeves and get some shit done. A hundred years ago, we would likely have been dead by now. Today, we're just getting started. Make hay. The sun shines brightly. If you're feeling defeated at forty, I urge you to re-examine your point of view and recognize that you have a great deal of power in your life. My father is living proof.

So here's to you, Dad. Happy Father's Day! 🖤

 Dennis Herrick


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