Once upon a time, I used to shave my balls. Now, I much prefer remaining all-natural. But, for those of you who shave your junk I decided to do the same this past month to see how PHILANDRY products performed with the task of manscaping. And I have to say I was very pleased.

Before, when I did shave, I had issues with nicks and razor bumps. The only way I could prevent the bumps was to straight up spray rubbing alcohol on my balls after shaving. Uhm, you can imaging how unpleasant this was. And there were times when I would experience unsightly ingrown hairs. No thank you. But since I liked the smooth feeling at the time I continued.

While conducting my experiment for the past month, I kept one of my Classic Safety Razors in the shower. So, my first tip to y'all is to use a dedicated razor in the shower and spray it with alcohol between uses. The single blade provided a nice, close shave without nicks and because I wasn't using a crappy disposable with multiple blades I didn't have to suffer a single ingrown hair. (Razors with multiple blades can contribute to this nasty side effect with shaving anywhere.)

In preparation for shaving I lathered up good with the Universal Shampoo Bar which offered really nice slip and conditioned the skin with argan oil in the process. Post shave, out of the shower, I sprayed Cut-Throat Spirits Aftershave on everything and proceeded with my usual application of a couple pumps of Royal Argan Beard & Hair Oil. The result was a super-smooth pair of fellas with no redness, no irritation, no razor bumps and, as I mentioned, no ingrown hairs.

Now I'm back to my regular hairy self, which I prefer. But if you (or your significant other) prefers you clean shaven down there, I highly recommend trying these all-natural PHILANDRY products, along with a high-quality razor, to take care of your business.

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