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Highly Recommend

I love the smell! It’s very strong and last most of the day. I will be ordering another one when this one is finish!

Leonard R.
United States United States

Always happy with Philandry

I love the smell of Wolfsbane. I am not a cologne or fragrance kind of guy but this one got me. I have been using it for a year and won’t use anything else. I was talking with my sister and she caught a whiff. I really didn’t want to tell her what I was wearing but she persisted. Now it’s all she wears. Dang! :) On top of having excellent products (I am a fan of the shaving tools and creams), I am a huge fan of the service levels I have received from Philandry - prompt and attention paid to the details. Thanks!

Richard B.
United States United States

Wolfsbane, Men's Fragrance

Am quite enjoying this fragrance although it is a little different than what I am normally attracted to for myself. As soon as this isolation situation is over I plan to survey interested parties. The fragrance is very masculine in its components and quite intense so a little goes a long way. Am enjoying it!

Robert W.
Canada Canada

Out of the world!

Wolfsbane is the reason why I started wearing fragrance again. I stopped using any for a long time after knowing all the harmful chemical in them plus they all smelled the same. However, after discovering Wolfsbane I not only changed my mind but have been obsessed with it. The smell is so unique you do not find it from any brand other there. It’s sexy and mysterious with hint of masculinity. It’s not too strong and punching but it lingers around and long lasting. Plus it doesn’t have the common chemical that are found in most fragrances. I am so glad to have found it and I can’t stop recommending and praising it.

Rick L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Wolfsbane, Men's Fragrance


Wolfsbane, Men's Fragrance is a deep base of velvety old-growth rare woods, a trinity of fine musk, petitgrain with resinous tobacco qualities, a leathery tone topped with a light high note of bruised neroli and the whisper of a fine gin, neat.

  • Vegan, contains no animal products.
  • Proprietary blend of fragrance, essential oils and natural absolutes.
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Phthalate Fre


  • 50 ml - Save by purchasing the large bottle ($95)
  • 10 ml - Perfect size to throw into your pocket or bag ($35)
  • Fragrance sampler available


The unique rollerball applicator can take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you can easily and consistently control the amount of fragrance applied. Just tip the bottle, rather than turning it over. We recommend holding the bottle perpendicular or at just a slight angle to the area to where you are applying (wrist, neck, chest). If you want more fragrance applied, increase the angle. Less, decrease the angle. Holding the bottle upside down may apply much more than you want and cause spilling.

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