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Natural Low Alcohol Aftershave for Men with Willow Bark Extract by PHILANDRY

Cut-Throat Spirits Aftershave

[shortdesc] Aftershaves can be tricky. Without applying straight-up alcohol after shaving,  a lot of men break out. But alcohol wreaks havoc on the skin. So the journey commenced of coming up with something...

Birch Sap Shaving Cream

[shortdesc] Birch Sap Shaving Cream provides the perfect, smooth, nick-free, natural shave for you men who don't have the time for a traditional wet shave with a brush and is...
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Double-Edge Classic Safety Razor Long Handle Heavy Duty Chrome by PHILANDRY

Double-Edge Classic Safety Razor

[shortdesc] This Double-Edge Classic Safety Razor with long handle is heavy-duty. A beautiful and ergonomic design with no-slip textured handle makes for a clean, close and smooth shave. That disposable...
Traditional Shaving Gift Set Traditional Shaving Gift Set

Traditional Shaving Gift Set

[shortdesc] This traditional shaving set makes for an amazing gift. The design for the shave stand in this gift set has been discontinued! So once they are sold out, they are gone....
Synthetic Silvertip Badger Shave Brush by PHILANDRY

Chrome Shave Brush

[shortdesc] Reviving traditional wet shaving with this classic shave brush for the modern 21st Century Gentleman. Back in the day, men swore by authentic silvertip badger hair for the best brush....
Shaving Gift Set from PHILANDRY

Shaving Gift Set from PHILANDRY

This gift set includes our Heavy-Duty Double-Edge Chrome-Handled Safety Razor, Birch Sap Shaving Cream and Cut Throat Spirits Aftershave along with a box of five Astra premium platinum blades at a discounted...
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