Offering a holistic and natural approach for men. Powerful skincare where science and nature meet, to promote truly healthy skin thereby decelerating the aging process, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protecting the skin from environmental stresses, promoting radiant, smooth, even appearance of skin.

Keeping it simple with a small offering and easy regimen.

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Universal Shampoo Bar

[shortdesc] Universal Shampoo Bar is totally versatile, great for use as a daily facial cleanser as well and for use in the hair and for the body. Head to toe,...
Men's Peptide Eye Cream PHILANDRY

Time Machine Eye Cream

[shortdesc] Time Machine Eye Cream improves the elasticity of the normally fragile skin around the eye area by fortifying it with peptides and deeply nourishing botanicals. It can help reduce...
Vitamin C Mens Face Serum Antioxidant PHILANDRY

Sunrise Serum

[shortdesc] Sunrise Serum is our concentrated morning serum packed with phytonutrients to protect your skin throughout the day from environmental stresses and pollutants. Not only do the rich antioxidants protect from...
Anti-Aging Face Wash and Lotion for Men by PHILANDRY

Bare Essentials Skin Care for Men

[shortdesc] If you use no other skin care products, PLEASE use these two. Dapper Face Wash for deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and toning. And Philosopher's Stone Moisturizer for hydration and...
PHILANDRY SKIN natural skincare for men complete set

Complete Skin Care Collection

[shortdesc] Purchase the entire PHILANDRY SKIN collection together and save over 15%. Used as directed, this complete skin care set will last approximately 3 months. It includes one of each...
Alpha Hydroxy Refining Clarifying Men's Facial Wash by PHILANDRY

Dapper Face Wash

[shortdesc] Dapper Face Wash is a gentle, sulfate-free and pH-balanced facial cleanser to deep clean the skin and pores without stripping the skin of its natural, protective oil and moisture barrier. Alpha...
Refining Glycolic Acid Toner Swipes for Men's Skin by PHILANDRY

Refining Toner Swipes

[shortdesc] Refining Toner Swipes are the high-octane turbo booster for your skincare regimen. The formula utilizes the highest quality glycolic acid extracted from sugar cane to clarify the skin, refine the pores, improve...
Retinal Mens Anti Aging Face Serum Retinol PHILANDRY

Lunar Serum

[shortdesc] Lunar Serum is our nightly retinal treatment serum. This very unique and natural formula contains Retinaldehyde which provides all of the age-busting benefits of Retinol, but without the redness, flaking and...
Philosopher's Stone Men's Anti Aging Facial Moisturizer by PHILANDRY

Philosopher's Stone Moisturizer

[shortdesc] Philosopher's Stone Moisturizer is an anti-aging powerhouse. Shea butter moisturizes, while firming and brightening of the skin are brought on by the peptides and mushroom extracts abundant in this formula....
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