The Birth of Wolfsbane. The Heart of PHILANDRY.

The new cologne, Wolfsbane, is birthed from a creative collaboration between PHILANDRY founder Alec Laughlin and award-winning perfumer Leslie Wood of La Curie.



I first discovered Lesli's fine fragrances at a local retailer here in Tucson more than two years ago. So extremely impressed by the quality of her work I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her some day without knowing exactly how or when, as PHILANDRY had not even been conceptually birthed. How delighted was I to discover that she was also based in Tucson!

In September of 2017, driving home from New Mexico after a visit with friends and family, the entirety of PHILANDRY downloaded into my head. I reached out to Lesli immediately upon my arrival home to see if she would be open to meeting and discussing the possibility of collaborating on a new scent for my new brand, PHILANDRY. We met and quickly realized a meeting of the minds and straightway got to work. How fortunate for me that she agreed to a collaboration and the development of Wolfsbane for my brand. It is a rarity that she accepts such requests, so I feel especially honored to work with her on Wolfsbane (and perhaps future fragrances for PHILANDRY!).

Working on a fine fragrance really is as sensual and romantic as it appears. Collaborating with Lesli has been an incredible experience and I have made a wonderful new friend in the process. Quite frankly she read my mind, understanding completely my vision for Wolfsbane. Six months later, my new cologne was birthed. And it's everything I imagined. More. It is unlike anything I have experienced before in the realm of fine fragrance. It is mysterious and resonates with subtle impressions differently in every individual. It has been a joy to witness the response of others to Wolfsbane and I am now so excited to be able to share it with everyone!

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