Beard Grooming Set


Beard Grooming Set will keep that gorgeous thing healthy and looking its best and stimulate healthy growth. Wood-handled, course bristle brush, double-edge wooden comb and stainless steel trimming shears comes with a canvas travel pouch. The set also comes with a vinyl travel sleeve for the comb.

  • Comb: 95 cm, 32 g
  • Brush: 120 cm, 74 g
  • Scissor: 90 cm


The brush is for daily exfoliation of the skin under the beard and distribution of oils over the length of the hair for conditioning, sheen and control. For shorter beards begin with brushing in upward motions agains the grain. Then, and with longer beards, brush in downward motions. Work 1-3 pumps of Royal Argan Beard Oil into the beard using the tips of the fingers to reach the skin underneath and continue brushing in downwards motions. Use comb to finish styling. Trim flyaways with scissors every other day.

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