When I was a young boy, my dad had a chrome safety razor and brush that I always admired. Long before I had any need for it, I would sneak them out of his medicine cabinet, lather up with his shave soap from a metal tube (I loved the way it smelled) and would proceed to "shave" my face. He still has this razor and brush to this day, some forty years later. 

My shave set is something you will have and enjoy the rest of your life. It will be passed down to sons and grandsons.

When purchased as a set I'll also include a 2 ml sample size of Wolfsbane with your order (a $10 value) plus free (domestic) shipping.

The complete shave set includes the following items for the perfect shave:

Safety Razor

Double-edge safety razor, heavy-duty with long handle, chrome. 

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Shave Brush

Reviving traditional wet shaving with this classic shave brush for the modern 21st Century Gentleman.

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Stainless Steel Shave Stand

Beautiful stainless steel stand for proper drying and storage of your brush and razor.

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Porcelain Shave Bowl

Hand-thrown porcelain shave bowl with lid and Cut-Throat Shave Soap, gun metal glazed exterior, natural interior.

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Cut-Throat Spirits Aftershave

Soothe skin and prevent razor burn and breakouts naturally.

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    This set comes with a box of 5 premium platinum blades by Astra. Best of the best.

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