Chrome Shave Brush


Reviving traditional wet shaving with this classic shave brush for the modern 21st Century Gentleman. Back in the day, men swore by authentic silvertip badger hair for the best brush. But you don't want to know what they do to those poor badgers today. So I have gone with a synthetic silvertip bristle that is as soft and performs as well as a natural badger hair brush. It takes shaving from a daily chore to a personal ceremony of fine grooming and traditional wet shaving.

Moisten the brush with hot water and dip directly into the soap inside your shave bowl or tin and swirl up until a rich lather is developed then apply for shaving. Rinse the brush well after shaving, shake excess water out and hang upside down to dry (ideally, on our Stainless Steel Shave Stand).

110 cm • 96 g • 3.4 oz • Chrome • Synthetic Brush

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