The Antimony Wolf Ring is a custom piece designed by Daviell Maldonado exclusively for PHILANDRYDaviell is a highly sought after international jewelry designer and craftsman. His collections have been featured in Luxe, Orange Coast Magazine and Riviera Magazine, and custom designs requested by such celebrities as Bette Midler and Johnny Depp. 

Slight variations to the fine details of this ring may occur and your ring may not appear exactly as the one displayed in the photograph here. This ring is only available here at PHILANDRY.

Sterling Silver with the Antimony Symbol in brass on forehead.

0.5 oz • 15 g

A Note About Orders

While we try to keep a few sizes in stock, however a special order may need to be placed. If the item you select is in stock, your order will be processed and shipped right away. (We currently have plenty of size 10, 11 and 13.) If your size is not in stock, you may still place your order today. It will take approximately 5 to 7 weeks to be made and your order fulfilled and shipped. Totally worth the wait!

About the Artist

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, by parents rich in heritage, Daviell was exposed early in life to the arts, cultures, and travel. At age 12, he found his gift was in the field of creative arts. He became an apprentice at his family’s exclusive jewelry store; where he remained for the next 11 years.

As he grew into a gifted jeweler, he followed his interest in cultures and jewelry design and moved to Italy where he spent 4 years studying under an Italian master Craftsman. Upon returning to the United States, he earned a degree in Gemology from the Gemology Institute of America and an additional certification from Revere Academy of Jewelry.

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