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Woodsman Cedar Body Wash

[shortdesc] Woodsman Cedar Body Wash is a super simple, gentle all-natural, aloe-based cleanser for the entire body that washes without stripping the skin and drying it out. The combination of...
From $7.50

Supernatural Body Lotion

[shortdesc] Supernatural Body Lotion a'int your typical body lotion. With a concentrated formulation, a little goes a long way. Its all-natural ingredients nourish and protect the skin with the perfect...
From $9.00
Beard Grooming Set with brush, comb and scissor by PHILANDRY

Beard Grooming Set

[shortdesc] Beard Grooming Set will keep that gorgeous thing healthy and looking its best and stimulate healthy growth. Wood-handled, course bristle brush, double-edge wooden comb and stainless steel trimming shears...

Birch Sap Shaving Cream

[shortdesc] Birch Sap Shaving Cream provides the perfect, smooth, nick-free, natural shave for you men who don't have the time for a traditional wet shave with a brush and is...
Synthetic Silvertip Badger Shave Brush by PHILANDRY

Chrome Shave Brush

[shortdesc] Reviving traditional wet shaving with this classic shave brush for the modern 21st Century Gentleman. Back in the day, men swore by authentic silvertip badger hair for the best brush....
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