In the coming weeks I will be releasing a number of men's personal care and grooming products. First up: Natural Deodorant Spray
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Natural Deodorant Spray

[shortdesc] Natural Deodorant Spray is natural AND effective. I hate conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. They're gross. Even if they kept me from stinking through the day, they eventually would soak into...
From $14.00

Universal Shampoo Bar

[shortdesc] Head to toe, this conditioning shampoo bar is perfect for the guys who like to keep it simple with an all-in-one approach in the shower. Conditioning while it cleans,...
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Rough Grain Body Polish Natural Exfoliant by PHILANDRY

Rough Grain Body Polish Natural Exfoliant

[shortdesc] Rough Grain Body Polish natural exfoliant goes way beyond your average body scrub with its natural and detoxifying actives and botanicals that improve the health and appearance of your...

Woodsman Cedar Body Wash

[shortdesc] Woodsman Cedar Body Wash is a super simple, gentle all-natural, aloe-based cleanser for the entire body that washes without stripping the skin and drying it out. The combination of...
From $7.50

Supernatural Body Lotion

[shortdesc] Supernatural Body Lotion a'int your typical body lotion. With a concentrated formulation, a little goes a long way. Its all-natural ingredients nourish and protect the skin with the perfect...
From $9.00
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