About PHILANDRY founder Alec Laughlin

PHILANDRY founder Alec Laughlin

PHILANDRY founder Alec Laughlin resides in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up in rural communities—on the Potomac in Virginia and a very small town in the Midwest—he remains somewhat reclusive spending more time immersed in his work than in gregarious activities. His professional experience is greatly varied (from clinical herbalist to photographer; visual designer to technical project manager). It makes for a helter-skelter resumé, but now at 48 years of age, he is able to channel all of his skills and experience into his new brand PHILANDRY which launched on the vernal equinox of 2018 with the introduction of the new men's fragrance Wolfsbane.

"PHILANDRY affords me the opportunity to focus all of that experience and those skills into a singular entity, rather than being scattered in so many different directions. It's a bit of a one-man show in some ways presently. But PHILANDRY is all about creative collaboration. It's not what I can accomplish as an individual, but what we can accomplish working together. I work with local talent as much as possible—from the etching of my bottles to collaborating with an award-winning perfumer on the new fragrance. All of the photography and video work we do, we do it together in house. I'm very fortunate to have such skilled, creative and passionate artists in my life with whom to create."

PHILANDRY [fi-luhn-dree] n. fondness, love or admiration toward men.

We uphold the belief that men in all myriad forms of expressed masculinity are to be celebrated. PHILANDRY is about creative collaboration, knowing that to succeed in our most precious endeavors we can not do it alone. Camaraderie, friendship, loyalty and love. These human experiences we wholly embrace. 

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